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Whether you are looking for a secure, family-friendly environment for yourself and your family, or you see housing as a great investment, purchasing a Marbella Homes will make perfect sense for you. We have absolute commitment to delivering quality every time, on time and on budget.

Our New Project is MARBELLA CITY

Marbella City our First Estate located at Guruku District behind Aso rock but falls in Nasarawa State. it is a harmony of Style, Class and living in a property Investment of choice along the serene atmosphere of Guruku, and offers an exciting new concept in affordable luxury living. From its inception and conceptual phases these estate is envisaged to be pristine developments, offering the upper middle class and enviable classy opportunity for living the upwardly mobile lifestyle.

Our estates design and strategic location ensures our properties meets the business and pleasure needs and are just moments away from the vibrant business areas and the upscale shopping areas, restaurants and hangouts of the Federal Capital Terriotry, Abuja.



VICTORIA (2 bedroom) 230sqm

Features –

Luxury 2 bedroom flat.
En-suite master bedroom.
Exquisite Finishings.

Payment Plan –

Inital Deposit: N100,000.00
Instant Payment: N300,000.00
In 12 Months Payment: N375,000.00
In Every Month: N31,250
Outright payment- Attracts 10% discount.


GRACIA (3 bedroom with BQ) 500sqm

Features –

Luxury 3 bedroom flat.
En-suite master bedroom.
Exquisite Finishings.

Payment Plan –

Inital Deposit: N150,000.00
Instant Payment: N600,000.00
In 12 Months Payment: N700,000.00
In Every Month: N58,333
Outright payment- Attracts 10% discount.


ELINORA (5 bedroom Duplex with BQ) 800sqm

Features –

5 bedroom duplex.
Exquisite finishing.
A guest house- All en-suite.

Payment Plans – 

Inital Deposit: N200,000.00
Instant Payment: N800,000.00
In 12 Months Payment: N920,000.00
In Every Month: N76,666
Outright payment- Attracts 10% discount.

Are you interested in buying a unit within Marbella City? Simply apply online today

Build at your pace, Gated walls, Aluminum doors and windows, paved step, burglar bars on windows, alarm. Grassed front garden with a paved walkway.

Pre-paid electricity. Energy saving lights, Drainage, Living area and the kitchen is tiled giving a modern look & feel, Parking, Tiled bathrooms, Rooms, Car park.

Wardrobe in all bedrooms, C of O, Survey plan, Legal Documentation, Fire station, Police station, Fitness center, Parks and Shopping malls, Schools, Good road network.

Our facilities include the following:

-Good Road Network.
-Perimeter Fencing.
-Security(Fire & Police Station)
-Garden & Park.
-Fitness Center/Health Center.
-Mall, ATM, School.etc

Other Estates Around Include:

-Arrygate Royal Estate
-Osifa Housing Estate
-Dove city Estate
-Berekete Family Estate.